Drug and Alcohol Addiction During Holidays

How to Avoid Drug and Alcohol Addiction During the Holidays

Drug and Alcohol Addiction During the Holidays

Holiday season is usually a time for participating, celebrating, and sharing special moments with friends and family. The twinkling lights and colorful decorations are supposed to create happiness and joy in our hearts. As beautiful as all this may sound, it just does not have the same positive effect on all of us. For many, the pressure of dealing with parties and celebrations while also fighting a drug or alcohol addiction can be scary, overwhelming, and often painful.

Actually, the additional anxiety that the holidays might bring can lead to over-drinking or over drugging. Being around numerous festivities where people are serving alcohol can also be a huge stress factor for those who are fighting their way to sobriety. The truth is, while the holidays might be a joyful season for most, for some, it might just be the drop that makes the bucket spill.

How To Avoid Drug & Alcohol Addiction Harm During Holidays

What Makes the Holiday Season so Difficult?

The holidays are known to be a particularly troubling season for those struggling with an active addiction or in recovery. The pressures of holidays can lead to destructive behaviors. It is crucial to understand the possibilities before, not after, they become more significant problems.

Family issues at reunions, traveling, and gift expenses are just some of the most common stressors for most people. Those with addiction issues might encounter many more triggers during this season. During the holidays, the excess and indulgence all around are overwhelming, which requires additional self-control. A virtue that those suffering from addiction often have a hard time with.

Fear, shame and judgment during family gatherings are also major stressors. Many people choose to stay away to avoid this situation. Being alone on the holidays can lead to feelings of isolation that exacerbate substance abuse issues.

How to Minimize Overdose Risks?

We need to remember that situations, regardless of the preset meaning, will be as happy as the person participating in them. Those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction feel a significant conflict with the joy that surrounds them through the holiday season. According to the CDC, the most dangerous times of the year for those suffering from drug-and-alcohol-related deaths are the months of December and January.

If your holidays feel overwhelming, sad, and challenging, remember, you are not alone. There are more people also feeling this way. The good news is that help is available. If you believe that you are not ready to share the festivities safely, reach out for help. You don’t have to fight the demons of addiction alone. Getting professional help for your drug and alcohol addiction may be the greatest gift you can give yourself and the ones you love.