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Domus was created in 2005 because we couldn’t find a licensed treatment program for substance abuse that was not based on preset protocols and judgmental theories. We wanted a place where patients would be seen and treated as individuals with unique needs. A treatment center that would allow the plan to be modified to best fit the person’s needs, instead of trying to change the person to meet the conventional treatment protocol.

We also did not want to follow the archaic and tired 12 step rules. Through the 12 step eyes, individuals are supposed to be seen as “addicts”; addiction is considered a chronic and untreatable disease, and people are broken down in rehab centers, to be rebuilt by strangers. The 12-step method to view and treat those suffering from addiction has not only been proven to be ineffective and in some ways even cruel.

At Domus, our multidisciplinary team of professionals are there to assist you in reaching the most progress, while healing your mind, body, and soul. We offer individualized care so you can privately address the root causes of opioid use disorder in a discreet, supportive environment designed to make you feel comfortable and secure. We don’t rely on steps, cookie-cutter approaches or judgmental theories; we rely on what we see, hear and understand when treating “you.” We also do not require you to share your most private thoughts, feelings or experiences with others. Although peer support can be advantageous for some, it can be embarrassing and hurtful to others. At Domus we respect your privacy, maintain your dignity and protect your feelings.

“A treatment center that follows a one-size-fits-all protocol is simply not the right choice. Instead, people should look for a program that specializes in the issue they are seeking treatment for – facilities that are willing to modify the treatment plan based on the unique needs of the person seeking help.”

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, compassionate, and innovative substance abuse treatment to adults struggling with addiction, particularly Opioid Use Disorder. Our purpose is to give you the strength and stability you need to start your path of health and happiness. Domus Retreat® treatment outcomes show the difference we make in people’s lives. With over a dozen years in the field of behavioral health and addiction treatment, we have helped thousands of patients achieve positive and successful results.  We are here to ease this challenging phase in your life. We fully understand that leaving home in order to receive treatment can be scary. Not knowing what to expect, what treatment will be like or how life without drugs will be, can be daunting. Our staff will do everything in their power to prepare an atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable, safe and cared for. Our highly regarded team is dedicated to providing you with constant, excellent and compassionate care.

Feel free to call us today. Freedom from opioid dependence can be just a call away.

Domus Retreat® Facility

The center has been featured in Vogue Magazine, Elle and many other media outlets for its exclusivity and privacy. Our treatment and recovery facility is well known for specializing in opioid addiction, which has been a significant issue in the last decade. The substance abuse treatment center has luxurious accommodations including six private suites.

Located in the foothills of Anaheim Hills, Domus Retreat® Recovery Center offers guests individual care in a warm, home-like environment. Our signature amenities include spacious bedroom suites with plasma TV’s, internet access, robes, toiletries, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and delicious gourmet meals prepared by a team of culinary chefs.

Our belief is when people are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion, they have a much better chance of responding to positive things in life. For this reason, we try to enhance each person’s love for themselves and self-esteem so that they become internally motivated to make more responsible and gratifying choices when returning home.

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