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For adults struggling with addiction to alcohol or opioids, we offer compassionate care and individualized treatment. Learn more about our recovery programs at Domus Retreat in California today.

A Substance Abuse Treatment Program above the Rest

From Hope to Reality

Domus Retreat was founded in 2005 by Clare Waismann, Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS), Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor (SUDCC) and the founder of Waismann Method®, to provide a treatment program without pre-set protocols or care based on judgmental theories for those struggling with opioid addiction. A treatment program tailored to each person’s individual needs. But more importantly, a place where people feel seen, heard and understood.

Recovery Program

In the beginning, Domus Retreat was created because there were no good options for those who had completed rapid detox in the hospital. For several reasons, the Waismann Method® team recognized that sending patients immediately after rapid detox to a hotel or home was not a good idea. Primarily, recently detoxed patients often feel anxious, unsettled, and hypersensitive to discomfort. This vulnerability, combined with a loved one’s or caretaker’s anxiety and lack of experience, was simply a recipe for disaster.

At Domus Retreat, rapid detox patients can recover in their private suites with the professional assistance and care needed to ensure a safe recovery. This safe haven provides patients the time and support they need to get through this critical adaptation period, both physically and emotionally.

As the years went by, Domus extended its services to support many more people struggling with addiction. From non-hospital-based medically supported withdrawal programs to relapse prevention, Domus has become an epicenter for opioid detox, addiction treatment, and recovery support.

A Non-12-Step Treatment Program

Research indicates questionable effectiveness while 12-step programs have remained immensely popular within older rehab centers. At Domus Retreat, we don’t rely on pre-set views of how addiction should be treated or viewed. We also don’t focus on the condition. Instead, we concentrate on the individual in front of us.

We believe every person deserves to be seen, heard, and understood here. Our team of experts focuses on the individual instead of the condition, which allows us to provide tailored care that leads to lasting results. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, don’t wait any longer. Come to Domus Retreat and experience the difference.

“In order to reach a positive treatment outcome, it is critical to see the whole person and not just the condition they are suffering from.”

— Clare Waismann

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What Makes Domus Retreat a Treatment Center of Excellence?

Domus Retreat has the medical direction and professional support of Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein. Dr. Lowenstein’s’ depth and extent of experience in chronic pain, addiction medicine, and restorative medicine allow an even deeper understanding of each patient’s conditions to determine a better solution. The Domus team works closely with Dr. Lowenstein to make their stay as pleasant and productive as possible.

Domus Retreat’s multidisciplinary team of professionals is there to assist you in making the most progress while healing your mind, body, and soul. We also concentrate on providing individualized care so you can privately address the root causes of opioid use disorder in a discreet, supportive environment designed to make you feel comfortable and secure. You are not required to share your most private thoughts, feelings, or struggles with other patients. Your recovery is a personal experience, and the environment you are recovering in should reflect the same.

Although peer support can be advantageous for some, it can be embarrassing and hurtful. Moreover, at Domus Retreat, we are proud to respect your privacy, maintain your dignity, and protect your feelings.

A Unique and Personal Experience

At Domus Retreat, individuals receive one-on-one attention. OUR MENTAL HEALTH DIRECTOR, David B. Livingston, LMFT, provides individual sessions with each client. Individual therapy allows David to tailor therapy to suit the individual. It also creates a space of safety that will enable people to better express their thoughts and feelings without feeling judged by others. The goal is to allow each individual to work at the best place for their journey.

Domus is a private licensed opioid treatment program that provides the best possible care, focusing on health, safety, and recovery. We believe a successful treatment program should include medical detox, proper nutrition, and holistic therapies to support physical and emotional health. The Domus team strives to make your recovery experience as personalized and stress-free as possible. Here we provide our guests with individualized attention in an intimate setting. Our six-guest limit ensures everyone receives the time and support they need to heal. Experience our innovative approach to treatment and begin your journey to recovery today.

From Our Founder

“Ultimately, our goal is not to make the patients adapt to our expectations of normalcy. Instead, we help each individual reach a healthier and happier place in life. We hope to provide each person with some pain relief, emotional or physical, but hopefully both.”

 — Clare Waismann

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When you’re struggling with addiction, it can feel like there’s no way out. You may feel consumed by feelings of shame and guilt and be convinced that you’re beyond help. But remember that it’s okay to seek help during these difficult times. No matter how many setbacks you experience or how far you’ve fallen, there is always a path to recovery if you’re willing to seek it out.

At our addiction treatment center, we believe everyone deserves the chance to heal and learn how to live a healthy and fulfilling life free from drugs or alcohol. Our experienced team of health care professionals will support you every step as you embark on your journey towards recovery, helping you overcome any obstacles along the way and providing guidance whenever you need it most.

So if you’re struggling with addiction today, know there is no shame in seeking help. You can recover from addiction and reclaim your life by staying strong and maintaining hope. Remember to be gentle with yourself during this time and allow the space and time necessary to heal fully. And know that we are here, ready to help in any way we can.

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