Domus Retreat client reviews and testimonials provide you with a comprehensive overview of guests’ experiences while with us. They also give you an idea of what the Waismann Method’s licensed opioid treatment and recovery center offers and what you should expect when you enroll in our private drug treatment. You can read about our relapse prevention program, treatment effectiveness, accommodations and amenities.

Addiction treatment reviews are essential in providing you with additional information to help you decide which program is right for you. Alcohol and drug-related conditions affect people differently. Treatment intervention philosophies and treatment options should match each individual’s health needs.

Domus Retreat reviews also allow you to learn about our commitment and dedication to your comfort, satisfaction, and successful recovery. Our goal is to make each guest feel safe and comfortable while receiving around-the-clock compassionate care and individual attention. This private, luxurious, exclusive setting accommodates a maximum of six guests at a time. Please read what our guests have to say about their personal healing experiences.

This was truly the best way to get off of opiates… I highly recommend the Waismann Method/Domus Retreat.

— Detox Patient, 2024

Thank you for the assistance with my new life.

— Percocet Detox Patient, 2023

The amount of effort the staff puts into making sure everything is working out.

— Fentanyl & Carfentanil Detox Patient, 2023

I am extremely happy that I took this necessary step to come to Domus/Waismann Method.

— Hydrocodone & Oxycodone Detox Patient, 2023

If you want to save your life and beat an opiate addiction, Domus is the place to go.

— Oxycodone Detox Patient, 2023

Thank you for the assistance with my new life.

— Percocet Detox Patient, 2023

Excellent post care.

— Norco Detox Patient, 2023

Very good staff and very helpful in this process.

— Hydrocodone Detox Patient, 2023

Always excellent, hopefully the last time I will ever need to undergo.

— Hydrocodone Detox Patient, 2023

During my stay I had the privilege of meeting Jaman, Chef Ly, and Yesi, who made my stay very comfortable. Also, Chef James, I am ready to start a new life, Thank you Domus!

— Heroin Detox Patient, 2023

Chef James & Lee were outstanding. Jaman is the man!! Night Staff! All Staff!

— Percocet and Fentanyl Detox Patient, 2023

Best decision I could have ever made for my recovery, the way I was treated at Domus has set a pace for how I will enter my new life, calm, safe and positive.

— Oxycodone Detox Patient, 2022

All staff members have impacted my journey in recovery in a safe, caring, attentive way. each team member was gentle and understanding. David Livingston took the time to really listen to me and put me at ease.

— Fentanyl Detox Patient, 2022

The level of care the staff has from housecleaning to chef.

— Opiate Detox Patient, 2021

Heads & shoulders above a normal recovery center, Domus Retreat is incredible. Excellent place for detox. Room service, respect, genuine caring by the staff.

— Opiate Detox Patient, 2021

I’m feeling re-energized and motivated to make my life what I want it to be again without being a prisoner to opiates.

— Opiate Detox Patient, 2021

100% the correct choice. Would & can write ore later if needed. Just doing this as I am leaving. 🙂 But, again very happy and grateful for everyone here and the team I needed right now. Sad to leave, but grateful for the experience. Grateful to know I have you all here if I need the support again during this time of my life and moving forward. Needed the support & community and happy I have you all… Thank you all, I will never forget it! Always here for you as well. 

— Oxycodone Patient, 2021

With the world the way it is now I felt it was time to make some changes to my life. I’m glad I too the step to get clean. My experience at Domus Retreat was top notch. The staff was friendly, non-judgmental, and responsive to my needs. And even while everyone is on quarantine I never felt cooped up or isolated. Thanks for everything.

— OxyContin Patient, 2020

I think that detoxing now was the right move for me. I couldn’t have chosen a better place than Domus Retreat. The rooms are super clean and comfortable. The staff is kind and caring. And now I’m ready to get on with my life.

— Heroin Patient, 2020

Domus is the right choice to safely detox from any addictive medication. Dr. Lowenstein is caring and highly educated in doing what’s right for his patients. Domus provides that safe haven to help you feel normal again.

— Xanax Patient, 2019

All aspects exceeded my expectations; from the drivers to the rooms, chefs, staff, activities, atmosphere. All were amazing.

— Buprenorphine Detox Patient, 2019

Better choice for detox and really enjoy the Domus Retreat.

— Fentanyl Detox Patient, 2019

I felt safe and cared for in a time where I was extremely vulnerable.

— Nucynta Patient

I was pleased and happy with my care and the Domus Retreat.

— Tramadol Patient

Domus recovery house is paradise!

— OxyContin Patient

I am very grateful to the Domus staff, they made it so much easier to recover from a procedure that zaps your strength for a few days.

— Suboxone Patient

The Domus staff did everything you could ask for during the most difficult and physically gulling experience of my life. The kindness and individualized have allowed me to recover in a much shorter and humane way than I could ever receive anywhere else. I am so grateful to the Domus Retreat for giving me my life back in the most effective and comprehensive way possible.

— Norco and Oxycodone Patient

The facility was top notch and very comfortable and the staff was excellent very responsive to my every need. After my treatment, I feel great and back to my normal self again.

— Suboxone Patient

OMG. I don’t know where to begin. The nicest place I have ever been. Resort style amenities. Fantastic rooms. Beautiful Grounds. 5 Star Chefs (John + Margurite were fantastic. Also would sit + talk to me about life, family, addiction, pets, you name it.) Got great advice from Jamand, Luis + Ronnie. They too would talk and council me where I was at in the process.

My first massage (Tiffany was great, very strong hands.) My first yoga (Jennifer was so kind and patient with this novice.) David guided me through my issues and pointed me in the proper next steps.

I also enjoyed my roomies. We had more in common than I would have ever guessed. It helped me realize that there are lots of people out there like me. Thanks, Domus folks!

— Hydrocodone Patient

I came to the Domus Retreat for my addiction to opioids. I was treated with respect. By a staff that actually had the best concern on making me feel comfortably relaxed so that I could take full advantage of the treatment, I was receiving. I thank them for helping me get my life back.

— Hydromorphone Patient

Domus Retreat is awesome & would recommend it to anyone. The care I received was very excellent.

— Methadone Patient

Honestly Domus is something amazing, you don’t get good help in a reg sober living or rehab. Highly recomend any person(s) with any substance or other problems/addiction seek Waismann/Domus 100%.

— Heroin Patient

I would recommend Domus, Dr. Lowenstein, David Livingston, to ANYONE who is reliant on opiates. No shame, no judgement, all healing. I loved the people + experience.

— Methadone and Oxycodone Patient

No one said it was going to be easy, but no one in the world can do what Domus does and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The care, kindness and warmth from people who don’t judge and understand what and how you feel was overwhelming and moved me to tears. The bond you feel during your care is for a lifetime. You realize there is no shame and that you are never alone in this. One should never be. Thank you, Domus.

— Percocet and Norco Detox Patient

I came to Domus five years ago to detox off of opiates. I have not had an opiate in five years and have never had any desire ever to take one. My pain has been managed w/ Motrin. When I separated from my husband a few months ago I went into a deep depression. My doctor and therapist wanted to put me on anti-depressants. I was against taking these but knew I had to do something drastic to put myself out of my depression. Domus was my safe place five years ago – a place where I could be myself, socialize, and seek out my independence in a holistic way thru therapy, massage, exercise and bio feedback. Coming back to Domus helped me celebrate my independence, begin a plan for my future, re-establish my self-esteem and help my new friends I just met go thru their detox journey. I am walking, living and breathing again! Domus and the staff are incredible and amazing and I adore them all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me down the path of life. Not once but twice! This experience will stay in my heart forever and always

— Opiate Detox Patient

Domus was pivotal and the perfect place for recovery.

— Heroin Detox Patient

If you are serious about detox and it is something that you want for yourself, this is the best program for it.”

— OxyContin and Heroin Detox Patient

Everyone here is absolutely amazing and could not have provided better care if they tried! This is the place to go to get better!”

— OxyContin Detox Patient

This program exceeded my expectation. Domus was referred by someone who had successfully completed the program and for 2 years remains opiate free.

— Hydrocodone and Tramadol Detox Patient

There is no better place to get yourself back together. There no more comfortable place to be uncomfortable.

— OxyContin Detox Patient

This is the best way to detox if you have the money. This treatment is worth every penny.

— Subutex Detox Patient

Maybe if you chose this place, you will go through hard work, but there will be people that are dedicated to your success.

— Hydrocodone and Oxycodone Detox Patient

This treatment really works. It 100% saved my life and I will forever be grateful for everyone at Domus for the amazing support.

— OxyContin and Suboxone Detox Patient

Domus has been the most amazing experience. Between feeling safe and comfortable by far this is the best experience of my life. And as I leave I have the confidence to stay clean and enjoy a wonderful life ahead of me. God Bless Domus and Staff.

— OxyContin Detox Patient

Finding a new “you” through gentle guiding care. A staff that is truly most dedicated to how your recovery goes in every aspect.

— OxyContin Detox Patient

This program has changed my life – everyone I met was my personal angel sent from heaven. If God will lead you to it – he will bring you thru it.”

— OxyContin Detox Patient

After thorough research and learning about the Method and staff, I could not have asked for a better method and treatment for my vicodin withdrawal. My life is back and thanks to the Waismann Method and Domus staff.

Vicodin Detox Patient