Short-term Residential Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Is Short-term Residential Treatment Effective for Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

Having the desire and commitment to overcome drug or alcohol addiction is the most critical factor in successfully achieving sobriety. Once you have that, the next step is determining which type of treatment program is the right one for you. Options for alcohol and drug treatment programs include inpatient rehab centers, short-term residential, outpatient, and intensive outpatient services.

Domus Retreat: Short-Term Residential Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

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Making the Decision for Short-Term Executive Residential Treatment

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First and foremost, we need to understand that addiction is not just one issue consisting of substance abuse, but a combination of long-lasting concerns, often with severe emotional consequences. A condition that needs to be addressed individually and collectively. Being able to successfully detox allows an individual to be emotionally transparent and present so a professional can make an accurate diagnosis of the root issues.

While deciding between short-term rehab options or long-term residential treatment, one needs to 

consider treatment risks and benefits and outside factors that may come into play.

For example, some of those are:

  • Is the social environment surrounding the individual tainted or dangerous?
  • Is staying away detrimental to someone’s professional and family life?
  • Are there other people in the home of the client using drugs or alcohol?
  • Is the intensity of addiction-related meetings in a rehab center a cause for cravings?

Other common determining factors include confidentiality, limited time off from work, financial issues, insurance coverage, family responsibilities, and other factors.

One thing to remember is that a short-term residential stay can provide detoxification and emotional diagnosis. Both essential steps towards achieving lasting recovery, which makes short-term residential treatment an attractive and effective option for many.

For the right person, short-term programs can offer comprehensive and life-changing opportunities.

Concerns about Entering a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center?

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Are you in need of opioid or alcohol detox but cannot afford to be away for 30 days?

Staying in treatment for an adequate period of time might be critical in achieving positive results, but that amount of time is not the same for everyone. The appropriate inpatient treatment duration depends on the type and degree of the patient’s emotional and physical issues and unique needs. Additionally, everyone’s progress through treatment is different, so predetermining addiction treatment length is not always wise.

The other problem with a 30, 60, or 90-day drug rehab is that the long commitment may cause people to delay seeking help. Not everyone can just drop their responsibilities for such an extended period of time. Actually, the damage of such a long absence from daily life can make those who achieve sobriety want to relapse upon their return. For this and many other reasons, it is imperative to have a short term treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.

At Domus Retreat Executive Treatment, there are not pre-set programs. Once you call us, we will carefully listen to what you have to say, answer any concerns you have, and try to create the best treatment to fit your unique needs. For instance, you might come in for a one to two-week inpatient program now and do another week in a month. Treatment options are ample, so our wish is to help you get where you want to be.



Is privacy and confidentiality at a drug or alcohol treatment program a priority for you?

In the early 70s, congress realized the issue of stigma surrounding those struggling with substance abuse. The Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records was enacted to protect the privacy and shield people from society’s harmful stigma. Later in 2001, congress added the “Privacy Rule” (“Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information”) to the law to protect patients even further.

Although the law protects your records, it does not limit what other patients will share outside the facility. For that reason, if confidentiality is essential for you, a small and intimate treatment center might be the right choice. Furthermore, a rehab center that provides you with a private, spacious suite can give you the privacy you’re looking for.



Do you need substance abuse treatment but feel scared to be in a treatment center due to COVID?

Coronavirus Protocol in Rehab Centers

With the rising concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic and the coronavirus spread in rehabilitation centers, extraordinary precautions are taking place at Domus Retreat. We are diligent in our efforts to protect our patients, staff members, and efforts paid off. Our doors have remained open, and our clients and staff safe.

Here are some of the benefits Domus Retreat offers over other rehab centers during the COVID Pandemic:

  • A 6000 square ft. facility with no more than six clients at a time.

    Domus Retreat COVID protocols

  • The treatment team is required to complete training on COVID-19 infection control and prevention.
  • Large private suites with TV, reading chairs, and verandas for your comfort and privacy while also maintaining a safe social distance.
  • Chef cooked meals served individually based on your unique dietary needs.
  • Short term treatment options available, anywhere from 7 to 21 days.
  • Drug and alcohol detox treatment and/or relapse prevention services.
  • Individual psychotherapy multiple times a week. No therapeutic group settings are required.
  • Multiple therapeutic services, including yoga, massage, and drama therapy.
  • Patients are screened for coronavirus before admission.
  • Cleaning by our housekeeping staff with professional virucides sanitizers regularly and thoroughly.
  • Readily available hand sanitizer, masks, and professional sanitizers.

We follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance to provide you the best support and safest environment.



Are you in recovery and overwhelmed with thoughts of relapsing? Do you need a safe place where you can get some emotional support confidentially?

Domus Retreat: Short-Term Residential Treatment Bedroom Sadly enough, rehab centers are only available to help after you relapse, but we have changed that! At Domus Retreat, you don’t need to be using substances to participate in our recovery program. We actually prefer it if you don’t.

If you feel overwhelmed or your thoughts are going where they shouldn’t, and your sobriety is at risk, call us. We have programs where you can spend a week or two with us in a safe and supportive environment. A place where housekeepers will make your bed, your meals will be cooked by professional chefs, and more importantly, where counselors and therapists will help you identify and overcome those threatening triggers.



Final Thoughts

Domus is not just a drug rehab. Instead, we created a safe environment that offers resources to people who have struggled or are presently struggling with any issues related to dependence, substance use, or addiction. A treatment center where the staff sees you as a complete human being and not the condition you are suffering from. Above all, our team understands that addiction is not who you are, but a condition you are suffering from.



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