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Private Treatment Center for Substance Abuse and Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)

Inpatient treatment facilities temporarily allow you to live with other people in a similar situation. In this case, people are experiencing drug or alcohol addiction. People receive around-the-clock care from healthcare professionals while recovering from detox. Inpatient treatment facilities within a hospital offer more intense medical care from doctors.

You’ll receive psychotherapy at an inpatient treatment center, and in many cases, you may also need to attend support programs. Other residential facilities, such as Domus Retreat®, use a more individualized approach to recovery support. At Domus private recovery and drug treatment center, you will also receive amenities you would expect only in five-star hotels. For example, housekeeping services, yoga, in-house massage, gym equipment, and 5-star meals. It is nice to know you can receive high-quality addiction treatment for yourself with pampering services and top amenities.

Thousands of people are dying because of how society views and treats those suffering from addiction. The stigma against addiction is cruel, unfair, and unproductive. To overcome this stigma, we need first to understand the condition.

“The misguided belief that people’s actions reflect their values and beliefs disregards the individual as a human being.”
-Clare Waismann

Private Recovery Center and Drug Treatment: Our Approach

Domus is a private recovery and drug treatment center that provides individually designed opiate dependence and addiction treatment options. Furthermore, each treatment protocol is based on an in-depth understanding of each person’s unique needs. As a result, this distinctive approach makes Domus Retreat® a place where people feel seen, heard, and understood. Our team of professionals focuses on helping the individual identify the core issues that often maintain the addiction cycle.

“We believe the key to treating unwanted chemical dependency begins with understanding the conditions and processes that drive the unwanted behavior.”
David Livingston, LMFT

One of the reasons for the extremely high relapse rates in traditional drug rehabs is that they view chemical dependence as the main problem. On the contrary, addiction is a symptom reflecting an underlying problem. Often, opiate dependency becomes so significant that the underlying issues are glanced over and remain unresolved. Once there is a clear picture of the factors causing unwanted dependence, a treatment plan can be determined.

In addition to the emotional support, at Domus Retreat®, guests have the opportunity to regain their physical strength with the supervision and assistance of our caring staff and therapists.

At Domus, cutting-edge substance abuse treatment combines integrative therapies such as yoga and massage. As a result, you have access to every available tool for a successful recovery.

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Domus Retreat Private Recovery Center Offers:

  • One-on-one psychotherapy multiple times a week
  • 24/7 in-house patients assistants
  • Professional massages
  • Drama Therapy
  • Our chefs prepare gourmet meals to fit your dietary needs.
  • On-site exercise equipment and off-site gym available
  • Yoga/tai chi/meditation – small in-house group and private sessions
  • Private Rooms 
  • Housekeeping
  • 4 to 28 Days Individual Programs
  • Private and Discreet

Our counselors will also engage guests in an educational process to better understand some of the possible causes of opiate use disorder – Such as sleep problems, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

Individual Psychotherapy is critical to discovering the internal and external tensions that drive unwanted behaviors. Therefore, the work is geared towards understanding underlying needs in constant conflict. The primary emotional needs are often unrecognized or minimized, which leads to tensions and, eventually, the use of a substance to relieve the distress.

The best way out of unwanted chemical dependency is through personal growth. Initially, the growth comes through a process of understanding and identifying either the internal tensions that are core deficits or conflicts that are the causes of substance abuse. Once there is a clear picture of the factors causing the unwanted substance use disorder, an effective treatment plan can be determined.

The cause of an Opioid Use Disorder or Alcohol Abuse is personal and varied. However, the underlying driving factors must be understood and can deal with – but in all cases, this has to do with wanting out of the feeling of helplessness – the helplessness can come in many ways and is often difficult to recognize.

For some, the helplessness or sense of being stuck comes from a hectic and responsibility-driven life – on the outside, things are often very good – while a successful home and work life are pitted against an emotional experience filled with pressures and a lack of emotional well-being. In this situation, substance abuse acts as a coping mechanism so that the individual can temporarily feel better while maintaining their responsibilities.

Opioid Addiction Treatment

The coping mechanism or chemical use may temporarily help but soon cause problems and dangers while leaving the underlying needs unmet and often unrecognized.

For example, many of our guests report having a good family life and successful work but feel continuous pressure and responsibilities. That overwhelming feeling leads them to use opioids or alcohol to find relief. Because the substance initially creates a sense of well-being – the pattern is repeated repeatedly. In time, physical tolerance increases, leading to increased substance use and unwanted and unhealthy physical and emotional dependency.

Now, opiate misuse creates a feeling of helplessness through a cycle of needing to fend off persistent states of physical withdrawal. At this point, even when there is a desire to be out of this painful cycle, substance use is often continued.

For some, the helplessness is driven by loss; for others, it is due to physical pain and the limitations imposed by the illness. Others may have untreated or undiagnosed anxiety or depression – but in all cases, the ability to define and understand the feeling of being “stuck” and how that is the core driving emotional factor allows for a new process to begin.

“Often, there is a sense of guilt and shame that accompanies the substance use. Individual therapy can help create flexibility in interpersonal relationships and allow movement toward achieving desired goals.”

Relationship Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Opiate Addiction Recovery

Ultimately, success in any substance use treatment comes from the commitment to helping and the one receiving the help. At Domus, we are committed to doing our part by treating everyone with respect and understanding that it is human to get lost, and it is healthy to be found. Opioid addiction recovery and growth come from seeing the whole person and then working with the internal factors that disallow the external changes needed for a healthier life.

A healthy support system is crucial to all treatments. Therefore, understanding each person’s needs and preferences helps us determine the most effective kinds of support. The individuals who come to Domus have already begun their journey toward sobriety. So, from this initial commitment, we start to understand the factors that support and deter sobriety.

Your safety, comfort, and success are of the utmost importance to us. Our addiction treatment program offers an environment that promotes respect and healing. Above all, we are here to help you get where you need to be. Don’t wait anymore; call now and speak confidentially with a Domus Retreat recovery advisor. Call (866) 713-3869 .

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