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Domus Retreat® has many unique and highly specialized drug and alcohol addiction treatment options. Known as the US’s leading opioid addiction and rapid detox center, our multiple treatment programs offer you a compassionate, effective, individualized, and unique approach to recovery.

At Domus Retreat®, we believe in treating the individual and not just the symptom (addiction). This means we see you not only for who you are but for who you want to be. We also listen to your words while hearing your silence. But, most of all, we try to understand and support your unique needs. Our entire staff is ready to participate in your recovery. While our clients benefit from our compassion, dedication, and professionalism, our goal is to help you get where you need to be.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program Options

We have multiple treatment programs specifically designed to support you through any phase of the recovery process. 

  • Rapid Detox Recovery
  • Detoxification
  • Waismann Medical Detoxification Continued Support
  • Recovery Sustainability Week

We help you get the life you want by helping you develop adequate next step planning that can get you there.

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What Makes Domus Retreat Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Unique?

Domus’ exclusive private drug addiction treatment allows for unparalleled individualized care. We adapt care to you more than any other rehab or drug treatment program. We try to accommodate your preferences and wishes whenever possible and are clinically beneficial. 

Compassionate and Respectful

Above all, we value the compassion and respect of every interaction with the client because we know how much that can impact recovery. When clinically appropriate and possible, we arrange for an outing or a basketball game at the retreat. We understand that the feeling of boredom can cause anxiety and the necessity to run. For that reason, our counselors work with each client individually while providing critical behavioral tools.

Connection to Work and Loved Ones

Our clients have access to their laptops and cell phones, which allows them to stay connected to work and loved ones. Therefore, this connection allows our counselors to observe further triggers and negative responses that can jeopardize recovery in the future. 

Honest Professional Support

Around-the-clock support – Our goal is to ensure clients’ experiences are as productive and pleasant as possible. Because healing cannot happen overnight, we try to give each individual the stability and readiness to begin life on a healthy and fulfilled path. 

Unlike most drug rehab and addiction programs, which promise to treat every type of problem, we only accept people we believe we can help. And that means we specialize in helping you come off certain substances that have jeopardized your quality of life. But we do not attempt to modify, change or fix medical and emotional issues that other healthcare professionals are treating.

Before admission, we will work with you to ensure our treatment program is the right place for you. Our success is based on your progress, and if we believe Domus Retreat might not be the right fit, we will try to help you find a place that is. Our goal is to help you find a healthy path in life.

Private and Intimate

Regardless of what type of treatment program you follow, you will always have a private suite at Domus. We have a maximum of six guests at the retreat, which allows us to give you the extra attention you deserve. Furthermore, our exclusive and small environment will enable you to receive the highly individualized and clinically tailored program you need to reclaim a place in the world of health and happiness.

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Committing to overcome addiction should not have to mean relinquishing comfort, privacy, or self-respect. Why not experience individualized care and comfort. If you're ready to take part in a world-class private treatment program, it's time to call Domus Retreat.
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Individual Emotional Care

Individual Therapy – During treatment, our leading therapist and clinical director, David B. Livingston, holds multiple one-on-one sessions weekly to assess the root causes of addiction and the best plan forward. While at Domus, you can access a therapeutic process that centers on you. We don’t try to fill your day with low-cost group meetings or other activities that have proven to be ineffective.

We also want you to have alone time and thinking time. You need to have a similar experience to the one you will have at home. Most people that struggle with addiction also struggle with handling individual emotions. By allowing you to feel these complicated feelings, we can better provide adequate tools to cope and manage them successfully.

Short-Term Drug Treatment Programs

Like everything else we do at our private drug addiction treatment center, the length of stay is also based on your specific needs. There is no 30, 60, or 90-day solution for years of emotional problems. In most cases (if the individual has a safe environment to return to), having professional, emotional treatment while maintaining a productive life can be the most effective plan to sustain sobriety. Ultimately, the type of treatment programs and length should rely on different levels of drug use, mental health, and social environment.

Many people find that short-term rehab programs can offer them a chance to detox and regain emotional stability to sustain a more balanced and healthy life. Spending some time researching options when considering short-term addiction treatment is essential. One must consider many factors in this process. Even though short-term rehabs are not for everyone, a small private facility can often provide a more personalized environment. It is much easier to have the proper assessment and plan of care to ensure a path towards long-lasting sobriety.

Frequently, small private drug addiction treatment programs will go beyond the call of duty to better understand each individual while providing them with the essential tools necessary to return to the ‘real world.’

Find Freedom from Addiction at Domus Retreat!

Getting the right treatment is vital to your success at beating addiction. Our addiction treatment specialists are here to hear your unique needs and to help you find the best treatment choice for you.
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