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Domus Retreat® Recovery Center is an exclusive 6-bed drug and alcohol treatment facility, located in a secluded area in Anaheim Hills, 45 miles south of Los Angeles, California. The recovery center was founded in 2005 to provide people a chance to recover from the struggles of alcohol and drug abuse without unnecessary suffering, judgmental theories, or cookie-cutter treatment methods.

“I wanted a place where people would feel heard and understood. A place where the individual is the focus and addiction is treated as a symptom.” Says Clare Waismann. Addiction counselor, specialist and founder of Domus Retreat®.

At Domus Retreat drug and alcohol recovery center, our experienced and dedicated team understands addiction is a treatable and reversible condition. The staff also understands that people are unique and have different needs to be met. For this reason, it is crucial to be open-minded and flexible in finding the adequate approach that best fits the needs of each individual.

We hope to provide people struggling with substance abuse hope, goals and the path to building the skills necessary to lead meaningful, healthy and productive lives.

How to Start Your Path to Recovery?

Many people find the very idea of calling a rehab facility, not just extremely difficult but also scary. We at the Domus Retreat Recovery Center want to ease your fears and assure you that you are not committing to anything once you call. Furthermore, whatever we discuss is between us and nobody else. The first call will only provide you with more information about available treatment options. As mentioned above, we have no cookie-cutter treatment, and we will do our best to fulfill your needs and wishes.

In other words, there is no reason to wait. Call today and discuss your specific needs with one of our expert counselors.

Domus Retreat Recovery Center Reviews

I cannot begin to tell you how fantastic the Domus Retreat center and the staff is. From the soft comforters and blankets everywhere you go to the smothering that seems to just appear at your bedside. You are pampered continuously by the most helpful and most caring staff I have ever met in my life. It is a program that I highly recommend. Everyone is caring, treats you with respect. Thanks to all of you for a fantastic opportunity to get my life back.

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Drug Treatment Program Process

The Failure of Drug Rehabs

During the last 40 years, treatment of substance abuse and addiction issues, particularly Opioid Use Disorder, was subpar, to say the least. Most rehabs are run by former patients with little or no education in pharmacology, neuroscience, or psychology.  Although they have the best intentions, there is a vast difference between treatment and peer support. As a result, their treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction issues was mostly ineffective and often damaging.

In drug rehabs, individuals hoping to overcome their addiction issues sat most of their days in 12-Step meetings. While they remain talking about the drug they want to quit, the meetings trigger chemicals in their brains that made them crave it. Yet, they were told that those cravings were part of who they are and will always be. They mostly had to rely on their own sheer willpower, religious affiliations, and other 12 step members. This meant that often recovery was neither stable nor sustainable and, in time, most returned to drinking or using drugs. 

So, who failed? In our opinion, the system failed the patients and not the other way around. How can one expect you to walk for a long distance when they have repeatedly told you that your legs are made of paper, and there is nothing you can do to change? How many puddles can you jump?

What is a Recovery Center?

Alternatively, should we say, what should a recovery center be?

A recovery center should assist each individual to recover from whatever condition they are suffering from. As human beings, our DNAs, history, and necessities are unique, and distinct recovery approaches should be applied based on the recovering individual and not on pre-set ideas.

While rehabs often base treatment protocols on spirituality and religion, at Domus, we follow science and experience.  We also understand what we can and cannot provide. We wish we could fix every aspect that hinders someone’s life, but we just can’t. What we can do is provide support, strength, and compassion through this recovery phase. We hope to provide each individual with a goal or a path to get to where they want to be. If we succeed in giving the patient that strength and clarity, we have provided recovery.

Life is a continuous phase of maintaining strength and growth. The job of continuing a healthy productive path requires effort and sometimes even struggles. It Is learning how to enjoy the process, finding new directions, higher goals and not just the state of being or the destination.

At Domus Retreat®, we have replaced the traditional drug treatment programs with a new level of care, understanding, and respect. Our goal is to provide every person that walks through our doors with the desire to live a full and healthy life. 

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