Our highly experienced Domus Retreat team consists of caring, non-judgmental and specialized professionals. Our healthcare team will work closely with you to help you get where you need to be. We understand this is a challenging and maybe scary phase in your life and we are here to hold your hand so you can successfully reach a full recovery from opiates and alcohol. Our commitment is your success and well being, and we want to help you achieve this.

  • David Bricker Livingston, LMFT 35434
    David Bricker Livingston, LMFT 35434
  • Jaman Eley, LVN, CAODC
    Jaman Eley, LVN, CAODC
  • Alexis Maron, M.A., RDT
    Alexis Maron, M.A., RDT
    Drama Therapist
  • Satch Purcell, L.Ac., OTR/L, M.S., MOT
    Satch Purcell, L.Ac., OTR/L, M.S., MOT
  • June Martinez
    June Martinez
    Massage Therapist
  • Julie Loseke
    Julie Loseke
    Client Assistant
  • Jeri Maldonado, LPT
    Jeri Maldonado, LPT
    Client Assistant/Counselor
  • James Toohey, MFTI
    James Toohey, MFTI
    Client Assistant/Counselor
  • Heather Newton, MA
    Heather Newton, MA
    Waismann Method Intake Manager
  • Aaron Amrich
    Aaron Amrich
    Client Assistant
  • Louis Pavon, CAODC
    Louis Pavon, CAODC
    Client Assistant