Domus Retreat is an addiction treatment center for those who want to recover in a compassionate, understanding, and inclusive environment. 

Executive Rehabilitation Center for Opioid Use Disorder

Domus Retreat is one of the nation’s top executive rehabs, specializing in detoxification and short-term treatment for those struggling with opioid and alcohol addiction. The intimate rehab is located in a 6000 sq. ft. facility, has only six private suites, and is surrounded by beautiful secluded grounds. Because we provide services to only six clients at one time, we can offer several unique benefits. One of those benefits is working individually with each person, based on their particular physical and emotional needs. Therefore, everything, including the medications, therapy, and program length, depends on the patient’s needs and goals. 

At Domus Retreat, executives going through an opioid or alcohol detox can work within the comfort of their private suite. Clients are also not required to participate in meetings or group therapy. Instead, we offer one-on-one sessions with our therapist David B. Livingston. Additionally to psychotherapy, at Domus Retreat, clients receive a combination of therapeutic services. At Domus, we provide comfortable and private surroundings with amenities to help you feel at ease while achieving a successful recovery.

More importantly, if people are concerned about privacy or, in our current situation, seeking help during COVID-19, we provide a large environment with a small number of clients. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of professional, personalized, and effective short-term recovery treatment.

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