Opiate Detox Recovery

Domus Retreat

The Waismann Method® rapid detox removes opiates from the body. However, the adjustment and self-regulating process does not end after the hospital stay because opiate dependency causes numerous changes to brain chemistry and organ function. Domus Retreat is the only licensed post-detox after care facility in the United States that specializes in opiate addiction recovery in a supportive and nurturing environment.

The body and mind are in a vulnerable state after rapid detox because the guest’s body has to learn to regulate itself and normalize without opiates. These bodily fluctuations need to be supervised and assisted so that physical and mental stability of the individual is reached. Because of that, individuals who undergo rapid opiate detox should be cared for and monitored only by trained and professional staff that can immediately respond to the physical and mental needs of the guest in a safe environment.

Domus Retreat also helps guests normalize their biological clock. Prolonged use of opiates to sleep or stay awake confuses the body’s natural ability to tell when it is day or night.

Opiate abuse also causes the body to stop the production of endorphins (the body’s natural painkiller), so once a person is detoxed they feel very raw physically and mentally. They are not used to experiencing emotions and sensations, which appear even more intense without the numbing of opiates. For example, daylight may seem too bright and sounds too loud, or some individuals suddenly feel massive anxiety or depression.

Friends and family members are not equipped or trained in dealing with these physical and mental/emotional fluctuations. That is why it is so important for post-detox individuals to be in a safe place where trained staff and specialists can assist the guest and explain what is happening. Here guests are provided with continued professional care and monitoring, allowing them to regain the necessary physical and emotional strength for successful opiate rehabilitation.

Unique Opiate Dependence Treatment

Domus Retreat’s unique approach to dependency differs from many typical opiate drug rehab methods, which usually involve individuals experiencing unnecessary suffering, making them feel ashamed in order to achieve sobriety. Instead, the trained staff at Domus helps build-up and encourages guests to feel empowered over their own lives, while identifying and treating underlying issues such as undiagnosed depression, drug abuse, anxiety and chronic pain. Our professionals are skilled at educating individuals on how to maintain an opiate-free life without the effects of prescription painkillers, heroin  or any other form of opiate to numb the physical and mental pain they are accustomed to.

The programs at Domus were specifically created for individuals whose physical and/or mental discomfort has been disguised by opiate abuse.

Domus Retreat living roomDomus Retreat offers personalized attention in a warm, home-like environment while guests are adapting physically and mentally to the chemical transition after opiate detox. These include but are not limited to: endorphin production, biological clock, and digestive system adaptation. We also offer signature amenities including spacious bedrooms suites,  plasma TV’s, Internet access, massage, yoga, therapy and delicious gourmet meals prepared by a culinary chef.  The average stay at Domus is one to four weeks.

Our Professional Staff

Our staff believes that guests who receive respect, dignity, and comfort in a caring environment of health and serenity, have a better chance of maintaining a drug-free lifestyle. At Domus, it is our goal to enhance individual’s self-esteem so that they become internally motivated to make responsible and gratifying choices while rebuilding futures for themselves. We help and encourage our guests to look forward to all the positive feelings and pleasures life has to offer, including the re-birthing of their senses and the enlightening of their souls. Domus Retreat is a world class post rapid detox and opiate treatment center in California specializing in opiate dependency.

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